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  • Wer Rettet Wen?

    Die Krise als Geschäftsmodell auf Kosten von Demokratie und sozialer Sicherheit Eine internationale Koproduktion der Kernfilm von Leslie Franke und Herdolor Lorenz, 2015, 104 Minuten Seit fünf Jahren werden Banken und Länder gerettet. Politiker schaffen immer neue Rettungsfonds, während mitten in Europa Menschen wieder für Hungerlöhne...

  • AGORÁ – Von der Demokratie zum Markt: Dokumentarfilm von Yórgos Avgerópoulos

    HIER SCHAUEN Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015, 23.15 – 00.45 Uhr Redaktion: Jutta Krug Bei der Parlamentswahl in Griechenland hat das linke Oppositionsbündnis Syriza einen historischen Sieg eingefahren. Es verfehlte mit 149 von 300 Sitzen im Parlament sogar nur knapp die absolute Mehrheit. Alexis Tspiras, Syrizas Parteichef und neuer...

  • Documentary: Fascism Inc

    “Given that the crisis conditions that foster fascism are upon us, not past us…” “Given that the whole of Europe is sinking rapidly into the darkness of the far right…”   Debtocracy and Catastroika’s production team steps into the discussion with another documentary. Filming started this September and it will be completed in the...

  • Debtocracy – Documentary

    Click on the right corner to select subtitles. DEBTOCRACY // ΧΡΕΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ For the first time in Greece, a documentary produced by the audience. “Debtocracy” seeks the causes of the debt crisis and proposes solutions sidelined by the government and the dominant media. The documentary is distributed online under creative commons...

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  • Audit the debt, cancel it!by Aris Chatzistefanou

    The Hellenic Parliament established the Truth Committee on Public Debt in April 2015, mandating the investigation into the creation and growth of public debt, the way and reasons for which debt was contracted, and the impact that the conditionalities attached to the loans have had on the economy and the population. The Truth Committee has...

    Jul 9
  • 3 muertos y cerca de 100 desaparecidos tras encallar un barco ante la isla griega de Rodas

    [embedded content] [Vídeo de las labores de rescate difundido por el medio local] Al menos tres personas han muerto al encallar esta mañana una embarcación con unos 200 inmigrantes a bordo ante las costas de la isla griega de Rodas, en el archipiélago del Dodecaneso. Según indicó a Efe un portavoz de la Guardia […]

    Apr 21 ,
  • Anarchist Resistance at University of Athens

    Riot police officers surrounded the rectory of the University of Athens in a stand off with anarchist protesters occupying the building. The nearly three week long occupation, is to show solidarity with Greek prisoners who are currently holding hunger strikes for more than forty days to protest the new Syriza government’s failure to fulfill an...

    Apr 17 ,
  • Resistance to Skouries Open Pit Mine Project

    Two protests both for and against the Skouries open pit mining project were held today outside the main Athens university administration building (Propylea) on central Panepistimiou avenue, close to Parliament. The building has been occupied by activists for more than two weeks. Riot police had moved between the two groups, leading to...

    Apr 17 ,